What is a mutual fund?

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Now we will ask you some questions to get to know you. This will allow us to determine your investment profile and recommend a personalised portfolio to you. All information you provide will be treated confidentially.


Imagine you have EUR 10,000 to invest over a period of 8 years. What average annual return would you choose?

Possible return during best year
Average annual return
Possible return during worst year


What is your investment time horizon?

Warning: Please note that investing is for the long term. Otherwise you might want to consider savings.


During your investment horizon, do you expect to withdraw money from your investment portfolio?


I am familiar with investing, I understand the risks and the potential returns.

I've invested in cash funds
I've invested in bonds or bond funds
I've invested in equity or equity funds
I've invested in mixed funds


My monthly household income is …

This refers to net salary or pension, possibly supplemented with child support, alimony, rental income, interests, etc.


What is the ratio between your usual fixed costs such as loans, rent, energy, etc. and you usual household income?


What percentage of your household income would you be able to save and invest for a minimum of 5 years?


My total estimated assets amount to …

This includes all savings, investments, (art) collections and property:


What is the composition of your total wealth?

The share of my financial investments is
Do you have a business?
Yes, my share of the company is

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